What is RecoupNow?

Is a recycling service for UNUSED printer cartridges that have become redundant due to machine upgrades and replacements.

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Why use Recoupnow?

RecoupNow, a Registered Trade Mark and a trading name of Toner Inc Ltd the only UK Government Contractor Contracted to Collect, Recycle and Resell toner and inkjet cartridges.

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Terms and Conditions of Purchase

1. The Seller will prepare a List  of the goods (unused printer cartridges and other computer consumables). The List will comprise: Manufacturer, Product Code, Condition and Quantities. The List should then be forwarded (by email, fax or online form), to RecoupNow

2. RecoupNow will then respond with an Offer, based on the List provided.

3. The Offer made by RecoupNow, against the List supplied by the Seller, is conditional upon the goods quoted for on the List being received by RecoupNow in the quantities and conditions stated on the List and/or described in any subsequent communication concerning such.

4. It is the responsibility of the Seller to ensure that the goods offered for sale under the RecoupNow scheme, are properly packaged for collection and transit by the RecoupNow carrier.

5. RecoupNow accepts no liability for loss or damage to the goods whilst in transit (no matter how caused).It should be noted that the items remain at the Seller s risk until received at the RecoupNow depot.

6. Should the goods received and inspected by RecoupNow not be in accordance with the Offer originally made to the Seller, against the List supplied, then RecoupNow will calculate a Revised Offer.

7. If the Seller deems that the Revised Offer is unacceptable and requires that the goods be returned, the goods will be made available for the Seller to collect from the RecoupNow depot. However, if the goods are not collected within 10 business days of RecoupNow informing the Seller in writing (email), as to the Revised Offer, then RecoupNow reserve the right to recycle the goods, without further notice to the Seller.

8. Payment for the goods will be made to the Seller, by RecoupNow, on a 30 days month end basis, (unless otherwise agreed in writing by RecoupNow), from receipt of an Invoice from the Seller, raised against and quoting a RecoupNow purchase order number and will be in accordance with the Offer, or Revised Offer, made to the Seller, by RecoupNow. The payments will add VAT (at the current rate), to the Offer or Revised Offer value, if the Seller provides a valid VAT registration number on Invoice.

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